Saturday, 6 May 2017

Hosting Lisabet Sarai - "Damned If You Do"!

Of Frustration and Temptation

Being an author is not for sissies. You pour your heart and soul into your stories. You spend hours of your scarce time and more money than you can afford on marketing. With each new release, you hope you’ll finally grab the attention of the book-buying crowd, that you’ll get the readership and the remuneration you deserve.

If that doesn’t happen (and given the number of people publishing books these days, odds are that it won’t), you’re stuck with the bitter knowledge that all your passion and effort were for nothing. This can be deeply demoralizing, even if you’re not trying to make your living as an author. If you depend on your writing to pay your bills, you’ve got financial anxiety added to your frustration.

I know this frustration only too well. My books receive consistent five star reviews, but somehow I’ve never been a commercial success. Thus, Damned If You Do is a rather personal story.

What would I do if I could magically turn my books into best sellers? How much would that be worth to me? That’s the question my romance author heroine faces when a mysterious stranger shows up waving a contract and promising her fame and fortune, sensual pleasure and the fulfillment of her most secret desires.

All he asks in return is her soul.

Crazy. Dangerous, maybe. But so, so tempting!

Starving author Wendy Dennison signs a contract with a charismatic stranger, exchanging her soul and her body for fame and commercial success. When she discovers her mild mannered agent Dan has a dominant side, she’s forced to choose either celebrity and wealth, or obscurity and true love.  


The smoke-tinted windows created a perpetual twilight within the vehicle. An equally dark barrier separated the spacious back seat from the driver in front. No one could see the lewd manner in which Mister B dragged her shirt up to her armpits and her bra down to her waist, exposing her ample breasts. When he twisted her nipple with impeccably manicured fingers, lust poured through her, as though he’d opened a spigot. Her pussy overflowed to further drench her already-sodden panties. She squirmed on the slick seat, hungry for stimulation.

Without releasing her breast, he rubbed two fingers along the damp seam of her jeans. Wendy couldn’t suppress a desperate moan. He chuckled as he sniffed his fingertips. “Your fragrance is exquisite, my dear.” Cupping her pubis, he ground the heel of his hand against her clit while his fingers beat out a frustrating rhythm against the tightly stretched denim between her thighs.

She hadn’t been this turned on in months—no, years. The substantial bulge at his fly told her he was also aroused, but somehow she didn’t dare touch him. Though he had yet to give her any orders, he had made it clear she had to obey him if she wanted to reap the benefits of this strange arrangement.

Meanwhile, an odd passivity had taken her over. He’d told her not to think, but only to feel. Her rational self, the part that screamed warnings about engaging in sexual trysts with total strangers, had retreated to some distant corner of her mind, leaving only a hunger to be touched, a craving to be filled, a shameful desire to be used and even abused.    

“I know what you want, Gwen. What you truly need. I’ve read all your stories of implacable masters and eager slaves. But you never go all the way in your tales, do you? You don’t dare show the world the true depths of your depravity.”

His words inflamed her almost as much as his actions.

“I—oh!” He ripped open her fly and forced his hand down the front of her jeans, under the elastic of her underwear, into her soaked and swollen cunt. His fingers were like tongues of flame as they probed her cleft and teased her clit. “Oh, please…I can’t bear it…”

As quickly as they’d arrived, his fingers were gone, leaving her empty and aching. She gazed at him in a state of horny disbelief as he used a monogrammed hankie from his breast pocket to clean her juices from his elegant hands. “I shall decide what you must bear, my sweet little slave. Now I believe we’ve arrived at your abode, where we can explore this question further. You should fix your clothing.” 

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Monday, 1 May 2017

Cover Reveal - "Echoes of Love"

Returning here after a long break, and just in time to reveal the cover for my upcoming short! "Echoes of Love" is out for pre-order on June 6th and general release on July 18th.

Paranormal writer Kala Westenra, staying with her best friend Vika in Norway, is hunting for a new subject for an article, and finds it when she hears footsteps in the hall twenty minutes before Vika's hot brother Tor Viitanen arrives home. This, Vika tells her, is the vardoger—a Norwegian ghost, a future echo which always precedes a person's arrival.

Kala plans to stake out the hallway to catch the vardoger in the act, and is shocked when on its arrival it kisses her. Her feelings for Tor have been hidden ever since she first met him two years ago. Could it be that the vardoger is acting on Tor's secret desire for her?

As Kala and Tor work together to understand what is happening with the spirit, their longing for each other begins to overtake them—and the vardoger has more to show them than they expected...

Monday, 3 February 2014

More Smut for Chocoholics!

Hi all!
After a long, dry month (I’ve been doing Dryathlon – eek!) I’m back on my game and starting a new month with a submissions call for the More Smut for Chocoholics anthology.
Do you love Chocolate?
Do you write Erotica?
Did you know you could combine the two into a decadent delight?
Last year lots of wonderful Erotic Writers did just that to bring you “Smut for Chocoholics” (http://
This year we want lots more of the same with “More Smut for Chocoholics” (you know one chunk is
just never enough!) so we want your chocolate themed erotica, it can be from any genre even fantasy,
sci-fi, historical or futuristic as long as it has an erotic twist and features chocolate somehow. We are
looking for stories between 3,000 – 6,000 words. So have a few sticks of your choccy of choice and get
The rest of the information about the call for subs can be found at

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Merry Blissemas! - Why have I never written a holiday story?

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. The best way I can describe my feelings about it is to mention the German Christmas market that comes to my town every year – dark nights lit with fairy lights, cold air and hot mulled wine and music and presents. As my day job has mandatory leave over the Christmas period, it also means I can wake up, see snow outside and know I don’t have to go out. It’s perfect.

So why, I wonder, have I never written a holiday story?

It’s not that there aren’t opportunities. Every year there are Christmas anthologies with varying slants. And it’s not as though there isn’t fodder for my imagination. I can think of dozens of Christmas-related sex scenes involving candy canes, tinsel or gifts under the tree. Heck, even Santa might like a quick one in between dropping off presents. It must be a long night for him.

I think it’s just that my brain is weird. All my ideas seem to come out of left field. My husband is used to bizarre queries about plot points, or being urgently told while I’m driving “I’ve had an idea! Text me the word ‘bullet’ so I don’t forget!” The shiny happy Christmas vision I hold somehow doesn’t translate into stories, which generally require conflict to have human interest.

So I’m not doing a Christmas story this year. But I’m working on three different projects right now, so the New Year should be a good one in literary terms.

Merry Christmas, and may you get all you want under the tree!

To join in simply leave a comment on this post and the others at and you could be in to win your choice of eReader or $100 gift voucher to spend on eBooks! The prize will be drawn on the 21st December. Merry Blissemas!

Monday, 18 November 2013

I'm Back...

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, and I’ve no excuse other than I’ve been ridiculously busy. However, I’m determined to make more of an effort to start posting properly for the benefit of anyone who cares enough to read them.

What have I been doing? Well, as you already know, earlier this year my short story “Ready for Him” was published as part of the “Tied to the Billionaire” anthology. A few months later my addition to the Clandestine Classics line, “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”, was released, much to my delight as the original was always a favourite of mine. And two weeks ago saw the release of my short story “Sleepwalker”, which so far is doing nicely in the reviews. So the last few months have been a whirlwind of promotion, which I’ve been enjoying immensely.

And what am I doing now?

As it’s November, I’m currently doing NaNoWriMo, primarily in aid of the confidential project I’m working on for Totally Bound (formerly Total-e-Bound). I’m about four chapters away from the end, after which I will be editing and hopefully be finished before Christmas.

So here’s to hopefully a more prolific time for me as a writer and blogger – I’ll be back on here shortly!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Meet the Billionaires Blog Hop - Winners!

Thanks to everyone for their comments - I can now announce the winners.

First prize of a $50 gift card goes to Beth Carter. Congratulations Beth - Lisabet Sarai will be in touch.

Second prize of an ebook from each one of the authors goes to Natasha. Well done Natasha - I'll have your ebook over to you ASAP.
And just because I'm happy about it, here's a link to the latest great review of "Tied to the Billionaire".

Friday, 16 August 2013

Meet the Billionaires Blog Hop - Interview with the Billionaire

Today, as part of the Billionaire babes' promotion for Tied to the Billionaire, I'm interviewing my hot dominant Will Vandenmeer - if he'll let me, of course...

So, Will Vandenmeer - we've been hearing a lot lately about young, wealthy dominants. What makes you stand out?
I have no interest in “standing out” in a crowd – I’m me, and I don’t give a fuck about any other dominant. But if you want to know what draws people to me, and why the paparazzi love my face – it’s because they’ve never seen a hot young guy fronting a casino business while also running a BDSM club in New York City, and they can’t resist trying to find out more.

I'm sure you have experience in many BDSM-related activities - which would you say is your favourite?
You’re right, I do (grin). But my favourite would have to be good old-fashioned spanking. It reinforces the relationship between dominant and submissive while also being highly erotic for both. I’ve never had a sub who didn’t enjoy being disciplined by me.

What could a submissive expect from you as a dominant?
Strength, imagination and absolute control, both of our games and of myself. Any sub who plays with me can be sure that I’ll never let her fall, but she has to be ready for anything. Anything.

So far you haven't taken any submissives on long-term. What would make you take a permanent submissive?

To take on a permanent sub, I would have to feel a real connection – someone I could have a relationship with outside of the scenes. Someone who could submit to me in bed but be my equal in life… She’d have to be pretty damn special. 

Tied to the Billionaire is now available from Total-e-Bound:

And as a special offer for release day, all other BDSM books are 25% off

Over the next week, you'll have the opportunity to get to know our heroes through exclusive interviews at each of our blogs. We invite you to read, comment (and drool...!) One lucky person who comments will win a $50 bookstore gift certificate. Another will get a six-pack of ebooks by the anthology authors. We'll draw the winners on the 24th of August, so you can take your time getting to know our dreamy Doms.

Amy Armstrong - Friday August 16th

Sam Crescent  - Friday August 16th

Tanith Davenport - Friday August 16th